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This site for those who intend to do what they love and be paid well for it.
This site is for people on the planet with big dreams and ground into them each day.
This site is for all of you who want to become millionaires & billionaires.
This site has been created because I enjoy money and I intend to manifest more of it into my life.
This site is a spiritual meditation tool.

I trust it will inspire others to stay on their paths.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

About Ten Nebula (Tanya Thomas)

Ten Nebula is a trained shaman, Reiki master, psychic, trance channel, and schooled doula.
She also attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history.  She has been trained in many holistic health modalities. She believes in proactively healing one’s life in order to shed fears & disease states of being. Ten Nebula offers her healing work in the form of blogs, videos, and talks at this time. It is a goal of hers to write books on health and open a healing clinic in California.

Social Activist
Ten Nebula is a social activist who believes that in order for humanity to progress we must be FULLY aware of the issues we hold. She presents her activism in form of blogs, videos, and talks. Her major focuses are women’s issues, animal rights, and gay/transgender rights. Ten Nebula also donates to U.S. non-profits, nationwide, on the monthly & annual basis.

Environmentalist / Witch
Ten Nebula is an environmentalist. She donates to U.S. green non-profits every year. She participates in Earth day clean-ups. She strongly believes in the power of recycling and composting. She educates the public about ways to help the environment through her blogs, videos, and talks. Ten Nebula is also a white witch who honors and worships The Goddess, Nature, Gaia (the earth mother) and serves The Light / Divine Will.

Political Activist
Ten Nebula believes in the equality for all. She advocates for people to exercise their right to vote and be properly educated about the American systems (i.e. police, federal courts, making of laws, etc).  She also works towards rallying the U.S. government to make more U.S. companies/entities transparent and honest so the American people can BETTER relate to them. Ten Nebula has sued Facebook and 8 other U.S. companies over issues of racism, sexism, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Karma Yoga
Ten Nebula believes in karma yoga, donating, giving back, and volunteering as a way to find your purpose and to be of serve to the whole. She donates on the monthly and annual basis. She had volunteered at Earth day clean-ups, vegetarian festivals, holistic health centers and green festivals. She also gives back by offering to the public free blogs, free educational videos for years that are now recently monetized, and useful talks. She also gives back through her daily spiritual practice.

Ten Nebula is an artist who has been singing since she was in middle school, dancing since she was a child, modeling since she was a teenager, and discovered her love for acting as a young adult. She attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history. She also donates to art-based institution (like The Studio Museum of Harlem, Five Myles Gallery, etc.) on the annual basis. She has volunteered at art-based events like New York Cares Day & Celebrate Brooklyn Art Festival.
Ten Nebula is currently working on preparing her life for her next level as an artist in Hollywood where she will focus on writing, films, documentaries and her performing arts.

Learn more about Ten Nebula:

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Ten Nebula (Tanya "There is No Glass Ceiling" Thomas)
The Trillionairess
The Juggernant
Black Privilege
The Money Launderer

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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I am a healer, spiritual teacher, light worker, witch, social activist, and artist
Be sure to visit my other works, sites, and projects
they are on a variety of topics from
spiritualty to yoga to money to vegetarian living
all my work are geared towards light, healing, clearing, and growing

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Healing With Ten Nebula


Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer. She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier. We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.

*Phone sessions
*Healing treatments
*Group workshops
*Group healings
*Private instruction

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How Can We Help You?

This blog can serve you with:

1. learning the law of attration
2. thinking of money in positive ways
3. connecting with helpful money resources
4. focusing more on your dreams and heart's truth
5. using your mind in a more helpful way to create what you want
6. affirming that you can become a millionaire
7. learn new spiritual techniques to create wealth and prosper

Quotes by Ten Nebula

( ) "Light Runs Tings."
( ) "Illusions may scream loudly but they are still illusions."

Products by Ten nebula

Great & Exciting News!!!!!!!!

Upcoming products from Ten Nebula 
- New book on health, healing, & spirituality  ( 2020-2022)

- Music CD  (2023-2025)

- Holistic Healing Center ( 2025-2028)

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Money, Abundance, & Spirit

Do you want to make more money?
Do you want to use the Law of attraction to create more prosperity?
we all need money and we all want to be more abundant and happier
I have created a blog that is dedicated to money & spirit
and it offers lots of spiritual tools to help you create what you desire

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"10 Million Lightworkers for Financial Freedom" Project

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My Personal Desire for Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

My thoughts..........
I would like to create more financial prosperity in my everyday life.
I have dedicated lots of time to reading about how to allow more abundance into my life.
I have dedicated lots of time to healing old beliefs I have about money
and I know I still have a ways to go.
I like money
I enjoy money
I like what having money can do for me and those around me.
Having lots of money is one form of freedom
and I feel having more money will allow me to do more of what I love
I would like to become better at manifesting wealth in my everyday experience.
I know that in order to be more abundant that I have to focus more on wealth than poverty & lack.

A Wise person told me......
When I was in my early twenties, I was volunteering at an alternative healing educational center
I met an amazing man who became a spiritual mentor to me
He had experience of being a multi-millionaire
He spoke to me about how having more money allows your life to be easier in many ways
You can take care of yourself and have more time to focus on your heart's dreams
You can also help the world in bigger ways
It all felt right to me and since then I made the promise to myself
that I would aim at becoming a multi-millionaire in this lifetime

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Rich people believe "You can have your cake and eat it too."
Middle-class people believe "Cake is too rich, so I'll only have a little piece".
Poor people don't believe they deserve cake,  so they order a doughnut, focus on the hole
and wonder why they have "nothing".

(Excerpt taken from the book "Secrets of the Millionaire mind" by T. Harv Eker)

What Are Some Forms of Abundance?

1. Having Enough time
2. Having Enough wisdom
3. Having Enough spiritual awareness
4. Having Enough peace
5. Having Enough money
6. Having Enough knowledge
7. Having Enough happiness
8. Having good health
9. Having Enough mindfulness
10. Having Enough loving family and friend
11. Having Enough compassion
12. Having Enough fun
13. Having Enough freedom
14. Having Enough of what you love around you
15. Having Enough creativity
16. Having Enough Personal Energy
17. Having lots of light and love


How can having more money benefit your life?

1. you can pay all your bills on time each month
2. you can become financially debt-free
3. you can be generous to yourself
4. you can be generous to others
5. you can tith/donate/tide to other people and organizations
6. you can do more of what you love
7. you can assist others when they need financial help
8. you can sponsor and support projects that you are passionate about
9. you can buy the things that you need easily


The Millionaire / Billionaire Mindset

1. when something doesn't work, they don't see it as failure but an opportunity to learn how to get better and how not to behave

2. they do not give up even before they've started

3. they use their money wisely

4. they take responsiblity for what happens intheir life and do not believe that things hapen by chance

5. they have respect for other and will enlist help from others to ensure the success of an endeavor

6. regardless of the potential for a negative result in a situation, they will always look for the possible positive outcome

7. they believe strongly in the necessity of commitment, not only to others but to the project

8. they do not engage in self-limiting thoughts and instead of saying "I can't afford it", they ask "how can I afford it?"

(excerpt Taken from the book "The Everything Book on The Law of Attraction)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tools: The Law Of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful force in the Universe and means simply that you attract what you think about – whether you want it or not.

Simple steps to using the LOA to attract what you want
1. Ask - Identify and be clear about what you want
2. Believe - Expect that the Universe/God/Spirit answers
3. Receive - Allow and be grateful AS IF you have already received what you want

Ways to Energize Your Intentions
1. repetitious thinking
2. journaling
3. prayer
4. visualizing
5. affirmations
6. focus on feeling it

Learn more, visit "Universal Laws with Ten Nebula" -

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tools: Saying "Thank You"

Have gratitude for all you have each day
Express gratitude for all the good in your life.
Each day brings wonderful new surprises.
The more grateful you are for the wealth and abundance in my life,
the more reasons you find to be grateful.
Give thanks for the opportunities to grow and expand
Also, the universe will bring you more of what you show thanks for.

Add a gratitude list to your daily spiritual practice, moon rituals, holy days, etc.

For more info on gratitude,
visit our site "Gratitude: The Art and Practice"

Tools: Giving, It Comes Back To You

Tithing-Donating -Karma Yoga-Volunteering........................
Tithing is a important part of learning how to give and recieve.
In order to be healthy, we must know how to give energy and receive energy from the universe. Tithing should feel great when you do it and make you happy. If you are giving and it doesn't feel right, then you may not be giving in the highest ways and in ways that are aligned with your truth. A reminder that what ever we give to others always comes back to us. Also, when we help others, then there will those that want to help us in return.

How often to tith...............
We can tith on the daily basis by giving things like smiles, hugs, prayers, and energywork. Doing daily paryers for humanity and the earth is a very abundant practice that helps the whole in amazing ways. We can give on the weekly or monthly basis with things like money, food, and used clothing.

What can we tith........................
We can tith money, food, clothes, hugs, smiles, compliments, housing, prayers, time, energy, volunteer work and so many other things.

Make the intention to tith to others often with an open heart, clear mind, and enrich spirit.

Learn more, visit "The Sweetness of Giving" -


Tools: Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are great for everyday use. They remind you of what you desire and help you to stay connected with your inner truth. They help to keep confusion, fear, doubt, and the ego at bay. Use them whenever you need to or make the intention to read them once in the morning and once in the evening.

I use my time and energy where it will create the greatest results.
I receive all the good things my higher self has to give me.
My savings act as a magnet to draw more money.
My debts represent my and others' beliefs in my future earning ability.
I am a valuable person. My path is important.
I create what I want with energy. Good things come to me easily.
I visualize my goal everyday. I am financially independent and free.
I know I can create the reality I want.
All my money is energy awaiting my command to create good in my life.
I ask for what I want. I am open to receive it in whatever form it comes to me.
I know the essence of what I want and I get it.
I choose beliefs that bring me aliveness and growth.
I honor and value my creativity and ideas.
I am always in the right place at the right time.
I choose to live an abundant life.

Tools: Active Prayers for Abundance

 Learn more, visit "The Miracle of Active Prayer" -


Intentions: To do What I love for my Livelihood

I Intend to do what I love for my livelihood

I affirm that all my businesses are thriving
I affirm that all my businesses are successsful

I affirm that I am passionate and patient with my work & projects

I affirm that I always work in balance
Learn more, visit "Do What You Love For Your Livelihood" -

Friday, March 1, 2013

Intentions: I Affirm that Money is a Positive Force in My Life

Truth: Money is a form of energy. It can be used in a positive, healthy way.

I intend to create money easily and effortlessly.
I intend to use money with wisdom and love.
I intend to save and spend my money with joy.
I intend to become financially free.
I intend to attract lots of money into my life.
I intend to master my creation of money energy.
I intend to help many people on the planet with my financial abundance.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Release: llusions About Money

I release, easily and effortlessly, all illusions about money that do not serve my highest and greatest good

- I release the illusion that there is not enough
- I release the illusion that I must struggle for money
- I release the illusion that I am unworthy or undeserving 
- I release the illusion that big money can not be consistent
- I release the illusion that others will not support me if I am success or rich
- I release the illusion that I can not have what I really want
- I release the illusion that I am not supported by life & the universe

I release and I let go.
Learn more, visit "Knowing your Ego, Fears, & Shadows" -

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Declaration: I, Tanya Thomas / Ten Nebula, Intend To Become a Multi-Millionaire / Multi-Billionaire in this Lifetime.

Hello Goddess,
Hello Great Mother,
Hello Universe,
Hello Love,

My name is Tanya Thomas / Ten Nebula and I intend to become a Multi-Millionaire / Multi-Billionaire, easily, gracefully, in light and in integrity, within this lifetime.

"And I NEED it ALL...the MONEY, the FAME, the CARS, and 
                                         - Quote by Rihanna Fenty (Bad Gal Riri)

Tanya Thomas's / Ten Nebula's Beliefs........
I intend to live a Privileged Life.
I intend to be highly EDUCATED.
I intend to become financially debt-free.
I intend to live a life that is FEARLESS.
I intend to become financially free.
I intend to always honor money as a positive tool and vehicle in 
I intend to do what I love for my livelihood.
I intend to do what I love for my livelihood &  be great at it.
I intend to be my own BOSS.


"Americana"  "Classic"  "Society"   "Corporate America"

I intend to own houses, lofts, apartments, manshions, castles, beach houses, and condos, worldwide.
I intend to own an amazing condo in NYC on the Upper East Side.
I intend to own a beautiful manshion in Beverly Hills / Bel Air.
I intend to own 
 properties all over the world (i.e.  Malibu, Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard, The "Island", North East: Vermont-Maine-New Hampshire, Lake Tahoe, etc).
I intend to live in & own a beautiful home (apt) in San Francisco.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in 
San Francisco."
                         - Quote by Mark Twain (Writer & Storyteller)

Retreat/Vacation/Beach & Country Homes........ 
"Americana"    "Classic"    "Society"     "Corporate America"

I intend to own beautiful vacation homes in The Hamptons & Malibu.
I intend to retreat and visit OUR beautiful American National State Parks. # YELLOWSTONE     # ZION   # JOSHUA TREE
I intend to own beautiful winter vacation homes in Aspen, Latin America, Midwest, 7 Great Lakes.
I Intend to own great beach houses in Connecticut, Venice Beach, Rhode Island, Cape Cod.
I Intend to own great country homes around the world (i.e. Vermont, Maine, 
New Hampshire, Montana, Tuscany, etc)    

Private Islands............
I intend to have my own PRIVATE islands (2-3x).
- Asia
- Latina America
- North America

Staff / Employees / Teammates / Assistants........................
"Americana"  "Classic"  "Society"   "Corporate America"

I intend to attract tons of amazing people to support my life and my work:    drivers, gardeners, servers, maids, butlers, lawyers, consultants, executive & personal assistants, trainers,  managers, etc.
I intend to have my OWN midwife.
I intend to have my OWN doula.
I intend to have my OWN staff doctors for my team.
I intend to have my OWN military-trained (i.e. Marines, Navy Seals, Army, etc) security.   # MARINES    # JARHEADS
I intend to have my OWN PR team.    
I intend to have my OWN lawyers (4x) for my company.
I intend to have my OWN gurus.
I intend to have my OWN Science of Mind Reverend / 
Practitioners (2x).   # SCIENCE OF MIND
I intend to have my OWN witches & wizards.
I intend to have my OWN dance coach.  # FAME TV SERIES
I intend to have my OWN vocal coach.
I intend to have my OWN acting coach.
I intend to have my OWN fashion team (i.e. stylist).
I intend to have my OWN hair team.    # DREADLOCKS
I intend to have my OWN make-up team.

Healing Centers.................
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in 
California  &  New York City.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in 
North America.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in 
South America.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in Africa.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in Europe.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in Asia.
I intend to create powerful healing centers/light centers in Australia.

Playthings / Accessories.....................
Tanya Thomas is NYC Trained ALL Day!!!!!!

"We the BIG BOYS that the BIG BOYS watch....
                                     -  Quote from Jay-Z (aka Mr. Sean Carter)

I intend to own 10-16 luxury cars (per house & office).
I intend to have my own helicopter.
I intend to have my own private jets (East Coast / NY & 
West Coast/ LA - SF).
I intend to have my own luxury yacht.

Vacations & Retreats........................
"Americana"  "Classic"  "Society"   "Corporate America"


I intend to go on retreats & vacations every month.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations every season.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations during the summer.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations during the winter breaks.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations with the family.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations with my team.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations with the girls.
I intend to go on retreats & vacations with the boys.

Financial Net Worth......................................

I intend to have a net worth of $300 Billion dollars (at least) in this lifetime.


I WILL become a billionaire in this lifetime!

Gratitude is ALWAYS on the MENU...............

I intend to always practice gratitude for all that I am.
I intend to always practice gratitude for all that I have.

My Life is GOOD!
My Life is BLESSED!
My Life is ABUNDANT!

And GOD is ALL THERE IS!!!!!


I declare that this is all done, well and now, perfectly and completely.
In accordance with my highest and greatest good,

Let it be so......

And so it is!!!!!

Intentions: I See Myself as Rich and Successful

I make time each day to see & feel myself as successful
I make time each day to see & feel myself as abundant
I make time each day to see & feel myself as rich
I make time each day to see & feel myself as prosperous
I make time each day to see & feel myself as affluent
I make time each day to see & feel myself as wealthy
I make time each day to see & feel myself as priviledged
I make time each day to see & feel myself as a financially rich being

I create my own reality
I define myself

And so it is!!!!!


Intentions: I Affirm the Abundance that is Already in My Life

I affirm and give thanks for all the abundance in all its forms that is already in my life...Everyday!!!!!

- love
- my great health
- material needs
- my patience
- my etheric family (guides, angels, animals, divine & christ self)
- my spiritual family (family and friends)
- my home
- my awesome work & projects
- my money
- my intelligence
- happiness
- my abundance of time
- my high energy
- my super creativity
- my mindfulness & awareness
- loving relationships
- my joy
- my safety everyday
- my spaciousness
- my shining Light

Thank You, Divine Source!!!!!!

For more on this topic,


Intentions: Focus and Determination

I intend to stay focus on my truth
I intend to stay determined

I intend to keep my eye on the prize

I intend to keep my intergity always

I intend to be consistent

I intend to ignore the ego and the illusions of others
I intend to be patient with myself
I intend to be perservering
I intend to be consistent
I intend to trust my own intution and feelings
I intend to follow the will of my divine self
I intend to stay clear on what is right for me
I intend to move past any and all fears that keep me in illusion
I intend to stay commited to my own dreams

I intend to stay committed to myself!!!!!!


Learn more, visit "The Ten Nebula Resource Library" -

Becoming a better human being

Spiritual Tips cheatsheet created by Tanya Thomas (Ten Nebula)
The Ten Nebula Empire

Tips for people to become healthier, better human beings
1. Use active prayer & clear intention to create your reality
2. Drink lots of water
3. Create a daily spiritual practice
4. Get daily exercise
5. Get monthly healing arts treatments/Alternative Medicine
6. Create an altar in your home and work space
7. Get clear about your dreamtime
8. Study the universal laws
9. Be pro-active in your shadow work (dealing with your ego)
10. Strive to become more of your authentic self
11. Spend 1-hour out in nature everyday
12. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) every night
13. Eat well. Eat foods that are healthy and whole.
14. Give to others on the monthly basis (i.e. donate, volunteer, karma yoga)

Tips for Alternative/Eastern Medicine/ Holistic Health Centers & Practitioners
1.Go Green – purchase recycle paper for the office, use green cleaning products, compost, & recycle

2. Encourage staff to cultivate a daily spiritual practice. Learn more

3. Have clear, transparent communication with the public – use websites, offer an info email address, use contact boxes,  have phone numbers, clear business hours, fax numbers, staff directory

4. Donate and support U.S. non-profits (with annual reports & seals) on the monthly or annual basis

5. Use social media to promote your work, centers, businesses, books, films, modalities, workshops, etc.

6. Encourage and support alternative medicine/ Eastern medicines to get clinical trials so they are more accepted by the American public (Ex: Dr. Michael Gregor -

7. Align with and use best business practices & protocols for safety & efficiency– like cameras, job acceptance letters, ADP, termination letters, etc.

Additional Resources - Learn more ways to heal yourself by visiting

Recommended Books & Resources

Millionaire Books
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind  by T. Harv Eker
Rich Dad, Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki
The Millionaire Next Door by By Thomas Stanley and William Danko
Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace Wattles
The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

Money & Abundance Books
Creating Money by Sanaya Roman
The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist
Creating Affluence By Deepak Chopra
Your Money or Your Life By Robin, Vicki, & Joe Dominguez
Money and The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks
Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life By Richard Branson
The Law of Divine Compensation, On Work, Money and Miracles By Marianne Williamson

Getting Out of debt books
The ABC’s of Getting out of Debt By Garrett Sutton
How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt & Live Prosperously By Jerrold Mundis

Money Sites
Money, Abundance & Spirit -
"10 Million Lightworkers for Financial Freedom" Project -

Divine Qualities 1. Give - Tith to others often - give money,food,clothes, goods, prayers, energy, or time
2. Gratitude - Create a gratitude list or letter- recite it everyday
3. Goodness - Practice optimism

Spiritual Practices
1. Send Reiki to a rich person/place/thing that you admire
2. Create a LOA journal or book of intentions
3. Practice being an excellent receiver
4. Pamper yourself
5. Practice thinking "both".
6. Exchange negative beliefs for positive ones
7. use active prayer and intention

Releasing the old or negative
1. Consider learning some basic feng shui to decorate your home or office
2. release negative people and situations from your life
3. do a releasing rite to release old outdated beliefs, habits, and thoughts
4. get some healing work to release negative energy and open up for more light
5. Cut down on trash tv
6. practice getting out of your comfort zone

Groups & classes
1. Join a mastermind group
2. Join a high-end club
3. Take investment seminars
4. Attend the Millionaire mind intensive

Boards, Boxes & Posters
1. Make a wealth poster
2. Create a vision board - put pics of things you want on a bulletin board
3. Make a wealth folder or box - put pics of things you want in it

Mentors & Teachers
1. Listen to inspirational talks on money
2. Read various books and magazines on money (spiritual, investing, saving, creating, etc)
3. Read books on marketing, advertising, and sales
4. Get a mentor who is the field you want to be in
5. work with archangels and angels to create abundance
5. Read books on successful people

1. visualize checks in the mail for you
2. Set aside time everyday to vision - visualize the life or thing you want

Board Games
1. check out Robert Kiyosaki's "CASHFLOW 101" Game

Bank accounts, envelopes & jars
1. Create different accounts (or jars, envelopes)
and place a certain amount of whatever you make from each check or transaction into them on the regular- 10% savings, 10% education, 50% neccessities, 10% give, 10% financial freedom, 10% play

1. Hire a financial planner
2. Hire a personal coach

1. Change your focus from "active" income to "passive" income
2. whatever money you have, begin to manage it now
3. Create a new worth statement.

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Thank You Goddess for my life
Thank You Goddess for my body
Thank You Goddess for my home
Thank You Goddess for my amazing work
Thank You Goddess for all my clients & fans
Thank You Goddess for all my successful businesses
Thank You Goddess for all my money
Thank You Goddess for my spiritual family & friends
Thank You Goddess for my health
Thank You Goddess for my courage
Thank You Goddess for being able to help others daily
Thank You Goddess for my path
Thank You Goddess for all the light & love in my life
Thank You Goddess for being me
Thank You Goddess to my past, present and future
Thank You Goddess for all that I am and all that I have
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